Asterix speaks Unicode (UTF-8)




To meet the needs of a multilingual world the standard Unicode is developped, in order to have a platform independent coding of characters from the various corners of the world. And indeed, Asterix has travelled to many of these corners!

The Many Languages of Asterix started to investigate the possibilities of Unicode a few years ago. Once started with the Cyrillic Астерикс and Greek Αστεριξ alphabets, we now cover most non-latin alphabets. Unfortunately we are restricted by our knowledge of what we can decipher.
Wikipedia Unicode
Greek · Unicode x0370
Greek. Αστεριξ
Cyrillic · Unicode x0400
Polytonic Greek · Unicode x1F00
Formerly Greek was written using various diacritical marks, for tone and aspiration.

   Attic. Ἀστερίκιος ('Asteríkios)
Bengali · Unicode x0980
Unicode as given by Kaushik Ghose. Thanks.

   Bengali. অ্যাস্টেরিক্‌স
Arabic · Unicode -
Christian Koehn has provided us with the Arabic unicode. Thanks.

   Arabic. أستريكس
   Farsi. آستريكس
Hebrew · Unicode
   Hebrew. אסטריקס
Chinese · Unicode x4E00
Peoples Republic. 亚力 (Yali)
   Hong Kong. 矮子得 (Aizide)
Hangul · Unicode xAC00
Korean. 아스테릭스