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Early september a very nice block of stamps will be issued by the German postal services. It consists of a very nice picture in which three stamps are situated, depicting Asterix (62 ct), Obelix (62 ct) and Idefix (=Dogmatix, 21ct). Apart from that a booklet of ten Asterix stamps is planned. (22 July 15)
Summer fun facts
In the month of July most French sports fans watch the Tour de Gaule (=France), the important annual bicycle race. Fifty years ago it was in the Asterix book Asterix and the banquet [but note the French title for the connection] that our favourite dog was adopted by Obelix. Little Dogmatix (Idefix) followed our Gaulish heroes after finding them near a butcher shop. On this occasion the French publishers have a special edition of the book, and a contest. (19 July 15)
Summer fun facts
Driving for your holiday to your favourite camping in France? Then if you fill up your tank at a Total gas station you might be offered a beach towel with Asterix illustrations: Asterix, Idefix Obelix or Falbala (=Panacea). At a very friendly price. (19 July 15)
Quoi!!? Ils sont de retour?
Album 36 «Le Papyrus de César» / «Asterix and the missing scroll» is announced to appear 22 october 2015! We are eagerly waiting for any glimpses of the artwork, or hints on the contents of the adventure. Will it be a story in the village, after the journey taken to the Picts last time? (8 March 15)
Cheers! Happy Birthday Albert!
Joyeux anniversaire! This week Albert Uderzo artist and "father" of Asterix celebrates his 88th birthday, on April 25. Many happy and healthy years from the villagers (eeuh, fans). Some goat's milk, or do you instead prefer luke warm beer to toast? (22 April 15)

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