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May the games begin
Just in time for the upcoming Olympic games the new Afrikaans edition appeared. Also available are some extra editions with a special dossier of 16 pages; we know of editions in French, German, Spanish, Catalan, and Basque. And a fresh edition in Sweden. Now before we start let me remind you not to use any magic potion. (20 July 16)
Our own comic heroes Asterix and Obelix have been announced as the mascots for the 2017 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Men's World Championship in France and Germany. (15 April 16)
Asterix in Afrikaans
Not only for native speakers it is a pleasure to see two new Asterix titles in Afrikaans, also for Dutch fans it is great fun! This is a summary of Asterix die Legioensoldaat...

Daar is groot fout met Obelix! Hy eet net twee wildevarke op 'n keer en dwaal rusteloos rond. Die druide sien 'n nuweling in die Galliese dorpie en sit dadelik twee en twee bymekaar. Die beeldskone Tierlantyn het kom kuier – en Obelix is dolverlief. Ongelukkig is Tierlantyn reeds verloof, en baie hartseer, want haar verloofde, Melodramatix, het as legioensoldaat in Afrika soek geraak. Natuurlik bied ons helde, gebroke hart maar dapper gemoed, die tog na Afrika aan om haar geliefde te red. (22 March 16)
We almost forgot...
Yes we almost forgot; the list of Asterix translations goes back to winter 1995 which means it exists for more than 20 years now! (24 January 16)
Burgenland Croatian
And we thought that there were no Asterix translation secrets any more... We were alarmed by Misa from Serbia that he found an album translated in the regional language Burgenland Croatian. After we investigated this claim, we can confirm the existence of not only one but three albums in this series. How is it possible we never knew anything about those legally published albums before? (23 November 15)

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