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Most of these news items are concerned with the international publication of Asterix comic books. However, we try to cover all news of Asterix, including media appearances and new products... but we need your help. Items other than comic translations are presented against a coloured background.
Fáilte in Éirinn
All Europe is conquered by Gaulish warriors. All? No, a small village has been resisting until now. Rumours have it that finally a last blank spot on the Asterix map will be coloured: Asterix will be moving to Ireland. Expected this fall. Slainte. (picture: 'Asterix in Hibernia' fan-art by Paul O'Flanagan) (15 March 14)
  Home page change
Returning visitors have probably noticed a change of this website. Now we jump directly to the translations page where we have added the news section and the links of the old menu. We decided to make this change because the Asterix translations are the core activity of our website. (18 February 14)
Happy Holidays
We wish you all the best for the year 2014. We celebrate with a nice roasted boar and a fine cup of goat's milk, good music. Health and happiness to you all. (30 December 13)
Finally available for all, in many languages, the 35th album in the series. Congratulations to Didier Conrad and Jean-Yves Ferri, who created the new book (overseen by Albert Uderzo, who had the last word in many details, as a kind teacher). The first reviews are favourable. (26 October 13)
Cover unveiled
The cover of the new album «Chez les Pictes» by Ferri & Conrad (under the fatherly guidance of Uderzo) has been unveiled. The date we are all waiting for is 24 october. See you in the local bookstore then! (3 October 13)

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