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Burgenland Croatian
And we thought that there were no Asterix translation secrets any more... We were alarmed by Misa from Serbia that he found an album translated in the regional language Burgenland Croatian. After we investigated this claim, we can confirm the existence of not only one but three albums in this series. How is it possible we never knew anything about those legally published albums before? (23 November 15)
Papyrus unveiled
During a press conference in Paris the cover of the new book has been presented. As we all know the new title is Le papyrus de César, and we see our heroes reading the end of the scroll, while Julius Caesar holds the other end. Sorry, we have to wait for the book a little. (12 October 15)
Bad guy Jaques
The villain in the new story Asterix and the missing scroll (published 22 october) is now known. His name is Bonus Promoplus, well at least in the French original. It is said he is modelled after Jacques Séguéle, originally pharmacist but later influential in advertising and politics. Well, at least that is what we get from French wikipedia. (20 September 15)
Commentarii de Bello Gallico
Bit by bit we are served little treats from the new book. In their recent web-série French LeFigaro show us new pictures of the coming book (and we like them). It is clear from the text that the story evolves around the book "Commentarii de Bello Gallico" written by Julius Caesar. We see Asterix complain that Caesar called the Belgae the most brave people of all Gauls. Elsewhere we can read that Caesar was funded for his various conquests because he wrote that all of Gaul was conquered. We know that is not completely true. (5 August 15)
Early september a very nice block of stamps will be issued by the German postal services. It consists of a very nice picture in which three stamps are situated, depicting Asterix (62 ct), Obelix (62 ct) and Idefix (=Dogmatix, 21ct). Apart from that a booklet of ten Asterix stamps is planned. (22 July 15)

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