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  A few updates
We have to deal with some cold days, something we have almost forgotten how it feels. A good reason to have a glas of wine, some toast and cheese and to start with a few updates that were planned for a day like this.
So we made a few minor changes and we have reorganized the Serbo-croat and Serbian pages. Albums printed after 1991 are now moved to the Serbian page. (23 February 18)
Season's greetings!
We wish you all the best for 2018. Health, happiness, ... and lots of time to reread the stack of old Asterix albums. (2 January 18)
Astérix et la Transitalique
The title of the new book has been unveiled: Astérix et la Transitalique, or Asterix and the Chariot Race Race through Italy. Also we have learned that our heroes will take a tour along Italy, visiting the tribes that are not yet Roman. (edit) Now that there are only ten days before the launch of the new book, the cover has been revealed, as well as some additional story details. The main vilain will be a masked Roman called Coronavirus.  (6 Apr & 9 Oct 17)
Happy Birthday Albert!
Joyeux anniversaire! Today April 25 Albert Uderzo artist and "father" of Asterix celebrates his 90th birthday. A very special day. Many happy and healthy years from the villagers (eeuh, fans). Some goat's milk, or do you instead prefer luke warm beer to toast on the birthday of the master? (25 April 17)
Un nouvel album d'Astérix en 2017!
Yes, even if you do not read French, this is very good news. The 37th album is scheduled to appear on 19 october 2017, in several translations we guess. The French publisher has issued a one-page "teaser" on its social networks for the new story. And indeed it looks very promising. Can't wait to see more of this! Ah. Watch Disclosure of the new title expected soon. (20 Jan & 4 April 17)

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