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Most of these news items are concerned with the international publication of Asterix comic books. However, we try to cover all news of Asterix, including media appearances and new products... but we need your help. Items other than comic translations are presented against a coloured background.
Season's greetings!
We wish you all the best for 2015. Health, happiness, ... and there are rumours that we will see a new Asterix album. Enjoy the Asterix movie during the holidays. (2 January 15)
  Craiceáilte, na Rómhánaigh seo!
The -more or less- official count of Asterix languages is now 115. The books by publisher Dalen have been issued. Actually from our perspective Dalen is doing very well reviving the Asterix translations in several Celtic languages and in Scots. Can we also have Kernewek please? (27 November 14)
A fresh newsletter from Asterix
Publisher AR has sent a new Missive (in French) to update us on the latest developments in the World of Asterix. The new 3D animation of course (which looks great in the teasers) but also some new translations. Pictes in Turkish and Greek. A new Icelandic Astrikur! New books from Croatia. Lots to win on facebook. (8 October 14)
Comming soon (23th of October) - Astérix el Galu (Asturian)
We had to wait for 21 years for the second Asturian album to be released in 2013. This album was a big hit in the Asturian region. It even sold better than the Castilian version. No wonder a third album is now announced. It will be published the 23th of October. Title: Astérix el Galu. (3 October 14)
Mansions of the gods as animation movie
In the fall this year a new animation movie of Asterix will hit the cinemas, at least in France. It is based on the book Le domaine des Dieux (Mansion of the Gods), and is computer animated in a 3D style. (4 May 14)

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