25. Asterix and the Great Divide
French title: Le grand Fossé
Originally published: 1980

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A Gaulish village just a few days from the one we know, is divided in two parts by a gap. In one part its Cleverdix (Tournedix) who's the chief; in the other part its Majestix (Ségrégationnix). Both want to be the chief of the whole village. Majestix sinister vassal Codfix (Acidenitrix) advises him to let the Romans help. If his plans work he will get the opportunity to marry Melodrama (Fanzine), Majestix's beautiful daughter.

Melodrama who has heard her father's plans, tells everything to Histrionix (Comix), the son of Cleverdix (Tournedix). After a passionate kiss from Melodrama a completely browbeaten Histrionix leaves the village after telling his father Majestix about the plans. He's going for help to the village we all know in the hope somebody can help him. After hearing the whole story, Getafix (Panoramix), Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix (Idefix) go with him to help.

Meanwhile Codfix has promised the Romans, Cleverdix's men as slaves if they defeat them. But this promise is going too far for Majestix (Ségrégationnix) and he refuses to cooperate. Now it's Majestix (Ségrégationnix) and his man who are carried off as slaves.

As our heroes arrive in the village, Codfix gets to steal two different potions from Getafix (Panoramix). The effect of the two potions is quite strange and thanks to that the Gauls defeat of the Romans, Codfix (Acidenitrix) is the one who finishes as a slave.

Still we have two men who claim to be the leader of the whole village, but this time they have to fight alone against each other to find out who's the best. As neither of them seems to be the winner Asterix introduces Histrionix (Comix) and Melodrama (Fanzine) as their new leaders.

The gap gets a new and much better function...