8. Asterix in Britain
French title: Astérix chez les Bretons
Originally published: 1966

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in Britain Album description:
Anticlamax (Jolitorax), a British cousin of Asterix comes over for a short visit. He represents the people of his village, who are trying to resist the Roman legions of Caesar. Armed with a barrel of magic potion they cross the channel to help them defeat the Romans. Asterix and Obelix are put to the test by fog, rain, bad food and warm beer. Unfortunately the Romans find out about the barrel of potion and confiscate every single barrel (filled with anything) in Britain.

The plot thickens when a thief steals the barrel and sells it to a rugby team. One can imagine the match they play after they have drunk from this barrel of potion. At the end the barrel ends up in a river, smashed by a Roman catapult.
And the fisherman... he likes it.

Jolitorax However, without the magic potion the villagers find themselves in a tricky situation. Asterix convinces them that he also can make the potion. But in fact, he can't. Using a few strange leaves that Getafix (Panoramix) had given him, he brews a different 'magic potion' and the Britain's manage to defeat the Romans.

What's the name of the leaves?
Banquet Pirates Guests
A great banquet is organized to celebrate the return of our heroes. Obelix is reunited with two old friends, little Dogmatix and roast boar. Cacofonix is unable to sing. In the end Getafix explains the origin of the herbs Asterix took into Britain. In the opening scenes the pirates are over run by the complete invasion fleet of Juilus Caesar.
In their small jolly-boat Asterix and Obelix return home. They are so keen to return that Asterix proposes not to stop even for the pirates. And yes, the pirates are not sunk by our friends ... they run aground on the beach instead.
The story has two guests: comic hero Achille Talon and the pop heroes the Beatles.
Allusions and Details
(page 8)
Here we see Asterix peeling potatoes, brought to Europe only 1500 years later.
(page 9)
Asterix collects souvenirs from his previous adventures.
We see a Gothic helmet (book [3]), a golden sickle (book [2]) a gladiator's helmet (book [4]), a sphinx from Egypt (book [6]). Idefix (Dogmatix) just below in the full picture is of course a souvenir from book [5] !
(page 13)
A typical British fog, which features at several places in the stories.
(page 14)
Achile Talon (comic figure of Greg, alias Michel Régnier) as 'beaten up' Roman, with his characteristic "hop". (⇒Wikipedia)
(page )
the Beatles as Britains most polular bards. (⇒Wikipedia)
(page 16)
Darts! Every British pub in the story has a game like this. (⇒Wikipedia)
(page 24)
image Present day Omnibus and umbrella, considered typical British objects.
Surprisingly, the bus is driving on the right side of the street.
(page 25)
Personally I like this one: the elegant Roman goddess of the hunt, Diana, mounting her deer. (⇒Wikipedia)
(page 30)
Heavy drinking results in a wooden head as depicted here!
Also on this page: the London tower, although in reality the tower is more like a castle than a tower like depicted here. (⇒Wikipedia)
(page 42)
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