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Site history

The start of this website goes back to december 1995 when Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom started with the Many languages of Asterix page. In 1997 Hans Selles also started a site dedicated to the Astrix comics. Both sides joined together in the year 2000 under the name "Asterix around the World - the many languages of Asterix".

Our main goal is listing all the translations, publishers, translated albums and dates in which the Asterix adventures appear. Besides this huge archive you find information about the albums and their creators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

This site never could be what it is today without the help of many, many Asterix fans who helped us with detailed information. It is impossible to list everybody who send us information but we do like to say a special thanks to the following people who can be considered as co-webmasters by giving us information or sending us cover scans of their own private Asterix album collection. Christian Koehn, Walter Habraken and Bruno Carpaneto who have been very busy with scanning covers of their private collections. TJK, Alvaro, Yann, Georg for covers or explaining linguistic details. We only know one words for this: FARPAITEMENT!!!

And remember, if you ever see a translation of Asterix not listed here, let us know!
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