Dossier: Dossier: Turkish Asteriks
The Turkish editions started with an illegal redrawn edition published by Serdar YayInlarI. In these b/w editions Asterix is called Bücür (shorty). The first print of these editions are printed in 1967-68, a second print in 1968 and a thirt print followed in 1970. In another B&W redrawn edition from 1969 we see the name Aster. These editions are from the same publisher as the Bücür editions. Kaya Özkaracalar made an extensive overview of these editions.

The first official publisher was Kervan Kitabçilik. They published between 1973 and 1984. In these editions Obelix is called Hopdediks. Kervan was the only official publisher who renamed Obelix name. Furthermore we have the Asterix versions from the Turkish newspaper Bulvar, a give-away from Akbank, a Turkish bank (1980's). Text is equal to the Kervan books under another title. Also known is Asterix divided in two parts with on the cover Tercüman'in Ilavesi'dir. Since 1994 Asterix is published by Remzi Kitabevi.

As a sample we show the title 'Sefler Savasi' from four different publishers. All four translated the origional French text their own way. The cover of the Bücür version is from Asterix and the Normans, the story inside is 'Sefler Savasi'

Comparing four editions





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